• Ramutapasu

    • New Zealand lamb chops grilled

      New Zealand lamb chops grilled

      One 480 yen

      The first is lamb chops of the highest quality to reach without being frozen even once from New Zealand to change the concept of the lamb meat to recommend now! Our shop is the best!

    • Rare steak

      Rare steak

      980 yen

      I softly baked soft inner peach meat.Please enjoy with the source of horseradish and mayonnaise.

  • Cold meal

    • Dish full of raw ham

      Dish full of raw ham

      880 yen

      The Jamon Serrano was plenty of spread.

    • Chorizo ​​and Spanish salami of the finest acorn pig

      680 yen

      Garlic, oregano, is seasoned with Spanish paprika or three months aged dried chorizo, salami and finished mild based on the black pepper (Saruchichon) !!

    • Catalonia white Kabisarami

      580 yen

      To minced meat of white pigs and seasoned with a minimum of spices was to elongated sausage, taste and flavor is also mellow Catalan salami.White mold of edible covering around is aged testimony.

    • Today's Spanish cheeses three Assorted

      1080 yen

      Please ask your staff for more information.

    • Pastrami of self-smoked France production Kamomune meat

      Pastrami of self-smoked France production Kamomune meat

      680 yen

      Duck lean has been smoked in moderately remain as cherry chip.

    • Spain olive variety

      Spain olive variety

      480 yen

      Finest olive "Arubekina" various olive mix of the addition of Spain.

    • Pickles seasonal vegetables soaked in apple vinegar

      480 yen

      Homemade pickles using seasonal ingredients.It has been marinated in a slightly sweet smell of apple vinegar.Please also enjoy a sense of the season.

    • Cold tapas platter

      Cold tapas platter

      1280 yen

      Ariori potato, octopus marinated, duck pastrami, omelette, olives, sardines pickled

    • Ahijo marinated octopus

      Ahijo marinated octopus

      480 yen

      The smallish cute octopus was to Ahijo tailoring telling a white wine and lemon.Please !! along with the white wine

    • Anchovy potato - Spanish version of potato salad -

      Anchovy potato - Spanish version of potato salad -

      480 yen

      Speaking of the Spanish potato salad, garlic flavor mayonnaise potato salad.Sicilian anchovies added, to the seasoned was firm.Garlic is to the extent that the fragrant soft, and easy to eat.

    • Pickled sardine

      680 yen

      Classic! Pickled sardines.It is sent directly from Spain!

    • Carpaccio of season

      980 yen
    • Season of Esca another kind

      680 yen
    • Salmon Tartar

      780 yen
  • Hot

    • Original Spanish sausage

      Original Spanish sausage

      1080 yen

      Our original sausage was seasoned with spices that are often used in Spain.The finish has been multiplied by the premium olive oil Deki squeezing the fruit of 94 years and the 95 years of the Nobel Prize award ceremony was also subjected to dinner worldwide high-quality olives.

    • Saute of Iberian tongue

      Saute of Iberian tongue

      1080 yen

      A little unusual Iberian tongue.Juicy in but are crunchy.Exactly the flavor compatibility Combined with the good Brabus source in the absence of habit.

    • Madrid-style stew of tripe

      980 yen

      Also boiled until soft honeycomb tripe you unplug the boiled spilled smell many times, raw ham, chorizo, garlic, we are boiled in plenty of use red wine and tomato-based Spanish ingredients such as paprika powder.Stew with Spanish-style.

    • Shrimp salt frit

      Shrimp salt frit

      680 yen

      Is a specialty tapas fried shrimp eaten each shell to crisp.

    • Brand pig grill

      Brand pig grill

      1280 yen

      We made juicy shoulder loins grill!

    • Spain of French fries

      680 yen

      Spain French fries are popular in Brabus source rather than the ketchup!

    • Spanish omelette

      Spanish omelette

      680 yen

      Arrange "Torutirya" that is eaten usually in Spain.It is an article of unique Spain.

  • Ahijo

    • Ahijo Sherry flavor of shrimp

      Ahijo Sherry flavor of shrimp

      880 yen

      It is Ahijo that meet to eat using the shrimp eaten crunchy each shell.

    • Mushroom Ahijo ham and white wine sauce - Segovia style -

      Mushroom Ahijo ham and white wine sauce - Segovia style -

      780 yen

      Spanish Bar classic mushroom Ahijo the scent of white wine, and finished in the state of simmering the taste of raw ham plus.

    • Ahijo of hearts and green pepper

      780 yen

      Come if hormone Loves meat taste and sherry vinegar is the chemistry down pat.

    • Ahijo of season

      880 yen
  • salad

    • Mediterranean salad

      Mediterranean salad

      880 yen

      In the original dressing fresh vegetables

    • Wild arugula, manchego cheese Caesar salad

      780 yen

      Arugula cell Bachika crisp aroma and tangy and spicy sesame, Caesar salad topped with typical cheese of Spain "manchego".

  • paella

    • seafood paella

      seafood paella

      1890 yen

      It was a paella of seafood a lot of the sea using the pride of soup made carefully from plenty of lobster at the store.

    • Paella of season

      Paella of season

      1890 yen

      You can taste the taste of seasonal vegetables root vegetables of the season.

  • dessert

    • Terrine Chocolat

      Terrine Chocolat

      780 yen

      Dessert cocoa to enjoy the texture.It was tailored to the fruit full of cacao of the terrine.

    • Creme brulee - orange flavor -

      Creme brulee - orange flavor -

      680 yen

      Popular Kuremakatarana in the Spanish dessert.Let Me Hear Your orange scent of, and finish in texture, such as the claim was added to the cream brulee.

    • Souffle fromage

      Souffle fromage

      680 yen

      Fresh cream the cream cheese in the base, was baked moist added the meringue and the like.We offer in the cold state.

    • Today's gelato

      Today's gelato

      580 yen

      Please ask for more information to staff.

  • Finger food

    • nuts

      480 yen
    • chocolate

      480 yen
    • Dried fruit

      880 yen
  • On the anniversary ☆ pastry chef special cake

    • Birthday, anniversary ♪ pastry chef special cake

      Birthday, anniversary ♪ pastry chef special cake

      1680 yen for 2 people

      It is the cake which pastry chef of our shop is created in order to give to the person special to the special day.For 4 people \ 3,280.